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Pricing & Expectations

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You have chosen each other, and you're ready to commemorate and celebrate this happy occasion! I'm here to help document your special day: not only the ceremony, the flowers, and the feast; but the reactions of your family and friends, and your joy and relief as you walk back down the aisle.


start at $900 for 4 hours of photos, and are $150 for each hour after that. You will receive at least 300 of the best digital photos (full-sized for printing) on a hard drive.

The price includes the best edited full-sized photos from each event.

Engagement photos
$400 for 1-2 hours of photography, depending on the location.

The prices above do not include sales tax.

Because I believe in the high quality of my product and will be working hard over many weeks to provide you with beautiful edited photographs, refunds are not available. Please carefully look through the photos on this website to see if you like this style of photography, as every photographer is slightly different and you want the best match for your style and budget.


My philosophy is that this is a celebration of one of the biggest commitments of your life. I’m here to document the event in the best way possible, observing everyone there, and (mostly) unobtrusively taking pictures of everyone. I take this responsibility very seriously, knowing that these photos are some family’s most cherished pictures.

I’ll give direction when it’s time to give direction (family portraits, wedding party pictures, cake-cutting, etc.). Otherwise, I’m more of a silent observer, moving around to get the best angle and capture the joy and laughter of you and your family and friends.

In planning how many hours you want to book a photographer for your wedding day, think about which events besides the ceremony and reception you want covered: "getting ready" photos, couples portraits, bridal party portraits, dinner, dancing, the final sendoff. Remember, this event is all about you and your family and friends, not what wedding magazines say you have to do.

For more information, see the FAQ.

Engagement photos

For the engagement session, I'll discuss with you what location would work best for the two of you - perhaps the location where he proposed, a grassy hill where you picnicked together, or a cafe where you like to hang out. White Rock Lake also offers a variety of interesting options. We'll hang out together for 1-2 hours and I'll take pictures. 

It might be a bit awkward at first. Don't worry about posing or about looking perfect. It's my job to help you relax and look your best.

Many couples worry about what to wear - think of yourselves as one complete outfit. So for example, his blue socks should coordinate with her yellow hat, as well as the other colors/accessories. You're welcome to bring a change of clothes - many couples choose a casual look and a more formal look. I'd recommend wearing clothes you feel comfortable and beautiful in so you can relax and focus on being yourselves, whether that's cowboy hats and boots or flip-flops and superhero t-shirts.

I believe it's important to develop a relationship with the bride and groom before the wedding so it's not a stranger who's following you around all day, and couples who book an engagement session are more comfortable in front of the camera on their wedding day.

For this reason I offer a $100 discount off the cost of your engagement photos if you book both the engagement session and the wedding. This discount can be retroactive if you decide to do an engagement session and then later add on the wedding.

Please contact me with any questions!